We work as partners to the property owner, providing expert advice on the entire build or restoration process of your Country House.

With over 30 years’ experience in the specialist build process,
we help you and your team avoid the pitfalls, delays and costly mistakes.

Independent expertise from pre-purchase to post-project completion:


    Project aspiration & scope
    Restoration or redecoration and anticipating the technical build issues in the project that may increase cost.

    Lifestyle decisions
    Understanding how you intend to live in the house, your expectations and how that impacts the services, infrastructure, design, build and repair quality, installation, maintenance, staffing and running costs.

    More objective than a standard building survey and based around the suitability of the client’s lifestyle requirements, including strategy of likely repairs, guidelines on budget expenditure, time-scales, geology and other typically unforeseen issues.


    Team set-up
    Impartial advice on assembling the correct team structure and the appropriate leadership for the project. Assuming this is always the Architect’s role can often be a misconception

    We support in the interview process for team selection where required as an independent advisor. With experience in high-end contracting in 80+ specialist projects, we are an invaluable partner that truly understands the end-to-end process.


    Design considerations
    The retro-fit of modern living demands in the context of a historic house presents a unique set of challenges. These expectations must be managed from the outset and considered throughout the project.

    Project steering
    De-risk the build process, overview of time-scales and critical path items, compliance issues, avoidance of the subjectivity of design across the entire team.

    Advice for now & then
    Avoid common and expensive mistakes in materials, services, compliance and future running costs.


    Snagging process advice
    Audit, guidance and support during the snagging process.

    Manual creation
    Due to the size of a country house, the services and systems in place are that of a commercial scale. This all has to be documented and available for you, your family & guests; for staff; for service engineers.

    Using our pre-prepared framework, we liaise with all contractors to ensure everything required to run, service and repair any aspect of the house is included. An update service will ensure your manual is kept up to date with any changes to equipment, services or warranties.

Services and solutions to support you,
based on over 30 years’ experience in 80+ Country House projects.

“I’ve known Tim for nearly 20 years. During this time, Tim has delivered an unrivalled and unique portfolio of country house building projects. In my opinion, this gives Tim invaluable and genuine expertise from which to help anyone looking to embark on a major residential building project. Tim carried out a major project on my house 15 years ago and I often ask his advice on repairs which he generously gives.”

Lord Margadale, Fonthill Estate

If only we’d found out about you earlier in the process,
it would have saved us considerable time and money!

Tim and I worked on a three year project to restore my home, a grade 1 listed Elizabethan building. Tim’s extensive experience of similar projects was invaluable in planning and running the project. I was able to run ideas past him and dismiss the impractical ideas before any money had been wasted developing them further and he was very good at managing expectations of time and budget through the project.

I wish I had been able to get Tim involved when I was choosing a house to buy. I would have had a much clearer idea of what I was getting myself into.

Nick Jenkins, Stockton House

A country house restoration or new build is very different from any other building project.

Scale, materials, heritage, subjective expectations and compliance make a country house project totally unique.

A successful project requires a mix of professional consultants, suppliers, skills, expertise and experience in order to deliver the desired final outcome, on time and within budget.

Every project has gaps or overlaps in supplier experience and capabilities. This presents risk to the buildability, cost and duration of the project.

Born out of frustration in the lack of good process or understanding across teams in such specialist projects, Country House Building Consultants was established to fill these gaps working as independent partners to the property owners.

Built on 30 years specialist knowledge and over 80 Country House projects, their unique experience and established network to help mitigate risk, reduce cost and save time and stress.

Tim Moulding is the eighth-generation owner and Managing Director of one of the South’s most respected traditional building companies, R.Moulding & Co.

For the past 30 years, Tim has led his team in the delivery of over 80 residential Country House building projects and has gained first-hand experience from the sharp-end of the building process. He understands intimately how best to navigate the complex journey of building or restoring a Country House.

Country House specialists help you mitigate risk,
save time & stress and reduce cost.